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Retractable Card Holders

Retractable Card Holders are great security ID holders and can be customised with a pad printed logo or supplied plain. Many different shapes to choose from, we offer square, star or round retractable card holders, along with our premium carabiner style that can be hooked over a belt loop or bag strap.

If you are looking for a convenient way for your staff to access your security premises, all of our retractable card holders come with a pull out nylon cord that automatically retracts back into the main body when released.

Great for hospitals where multiple access areas are needed, most come with a clip attachment at the back so you can clip them to a shirt pocket or belt loop.

Round Retractable Card Holder
Round Retractable Card Holders - great security ID holders for swipe access
Square Retractable Card Holder
Square Retractable Card Holders can be customised with a pad printed logo
Star Retractable Card Holder
Star Retractable Card Holders are perfect where security access is needed
Carabiner Retractable Card Holder
Carabiner Retractable Card Holders for security
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