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Eco Friendly Lanyards

Eco friendly lanyards are a terrific choice in promotional lanyards where you want to make an environmentally friendly statement about your company. We have bamboo lanyards made from the pulp of sustainable bamboo in both a bootlace and flat style lanyard, which we can custom screen print with your logo.

Other options include our recycled lanyards that are made from the fibres of recycled PET plastic items such as drink and water bottles. If you want custom ecofriendly lanyards, this section of custom printed lanyards is the best choice and with only a two or three week production time, we have a lanyard to suit any business need.

15mm Flat Bamboo Lanyard
Eco Friendly Lanyards are a flat style bamboo lanyard
12mm Bootlace Bamboo Lanyard
Bamboo Lanyards are environmentally friendly lanyards
15mm Recycled PET Lanyard
Thin Eco Lanyards made from recycled PET bottle fibres for enviro lanyards
20mm Recycled PET Lanyard
Recycled Lanyards constructed from PET drink bottles
25mm Recycled PET Lanyard
Eco Friendly Lanyards 25mm are the natural choice for custom lanyards
15mm Corn Fiber Lanyard
Eco Friendly Lanyard made from corn fiber
20mm Corn Fiber Lanyard
Corn Fiber lanyards make an environmental statement about your company
25mm Corn Fiber Lanyard
Extra wide corn fiber lanyards for a large print area
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